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CS:GO Server Suggestions
Feel free to post below to suggest what Dbeast Gaming first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server should be,  Include an official download link if you suggest a third party gamemode (i.e. Not made by Valve).

Once we get enough Suggestions we will create a poll in this post.
I have not been on here for so long but I will start to make suggestions.

Zombie Escape

In this gamemode there is two teams Zombies and Humans. Zombies are randomly picked after a number of seconds from the human team, this gives humans enough time to run away from spawn. The theme and missions differ in every different map. Maps can have bosses, custom weapons, and different paths.

Downloads: (There is really no official downloads, some people ported it over to csgo)

This is the only one I could find.

Edit: The download really isn't a download it looks like, its a tutorial how to get it working on csgo, oh well at least it helps.

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