Create a Topic with your In-game Name as the Title and use the format below:
Do NOT modify anything before : in the template

In-game name:
How old are you?:
Do you have a microphone?: (Yes/No)
Your Steam I.D.: (e.g. STEAM:X:X:XXXXXXXX)
Server(s) your most likely to play on?: (i.e. JC2-MP)
Who recommended you to join/apply?: (i.e. @Dbeast247, If they have an account on here use @Username)

If you do not know how to find your Steam I.D. (STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXX), please visit this website: It will help you find your Steam I.D.

If you have little to no play time on any Dbeast Gaming servers you will start out as a recruit,
If you have at least a month + of regular play time you might start out as a Helper.